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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sarah Slavick: Israel and Lebanon

I'm excited to announce that an Israel-Lebanon page (potentially) will be published in the Aug. 20 issue of The Spokesman-Review.
I'm trying my best to condense information on hundreds of years of conflict in an effort to promote an understanding of issues that, though they're thousands of miles away, affect us today - and will affect us for a long time to come.
I'd like more people to feel that their newspaper is a form of civil service, which aims to make them informed citizens. I hope that the page on Israel and Lebanon will aid in that service.
Intern tip for the entry: When you're interviewing or writing a cover-letter for an internship, talk about why you're passionate about the field, not just what you're good at.


  • I was googling my sister whose name is also Sarah Slavick and came upon this posting. The coincidence was too strange as I am working on a series of digital and mixed media works on paper that deal with the Israeli War in Lebanon. If you send me your email address, I can send a FLICKR invitation to you to see the works on my page there. My email is:

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