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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shadra: Jill of all trades

I have discovered something: As an intern, if you show interest in multiple departments at the newspaper you're working for, you just might have new opportunities open up to you. I recently began working on a story for the Spokesman's weekly entertainment section, 7. Doesn't sound like an earth-shattering, life-altering thing? What if I told you I haven't written an article for publication for three years? Columns and briefs, yes, but stories that require reporting? No. Now my byline will appear, seemingly out of nowhere, in a well-respected, award-winning, large circulation publication.

This all happened because I said at the beginning of my internship that I was interested in the entertainment section. This opportunity carries with it several benefits. To name one, I get to take my journalistic education to another level. This time, instead of forking over $2,000 a term to the University of Oregon, I'm getting paid to learn to report. Also, I am without a permanent job. The more skills I develop the more job options I have.

Future interns, take some initiative; spread your work around the newsroom. Know that if you are working for a professional newspaper you are in one of the best classrooms on earth.


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