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Friday, July 28, 2006

Shefali: lend me your iPods and 'angst'...and your pens and your tape recorders...

This post is a shameless plug.

The SR is testing the waters of youth. The paper hopes to start a new publication similar to the former OurGen newspaper, geared to high school students. This time around it is to be taken as a serious publication for, created and read by, high school students.

Today at the intern meeting we had the pleasure of meeting the organizer of this newest project, Erin Daniels. The conversations were circled around the idea and goal of making a newspaper suitable for today's youth. We pitched ideas and talked about what kids read today that really impact them. Should the publication be shy for the first few issue, then come at them with some shocking stories?

We also talked about who we would want to write for this publication (it's without name yet). Not just the straight 'A' high school students but a real diverse range of kids. The student in the back of the classroom who says nothing but is glued to his iPod--he'd be great! The girl who wears black nail polish and talks about her 'angst' like it's a separate human being--perfect! Granted, it seems like Erin is also looking at passionate writers and those who possess a creative streak--but the more unique the better. She comes from unique high school newspaper--very off the cusp.

What I am trying to do here is this: if there are any readers out there who are even mildly interested in getting in on this new publication or who would like to contribute please leave a comment! Do you think this newspaper could be successful? It would span across 15-20 high schools from around the area.

What do you think?
Have any suggestions? Contact Erin Daniels:

Thank you!


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