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Friday, July 14, 2006

Sarah Slavick: Making the move

I've come all the way to Spokane from the University of Missouri via the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund's copy-editing program. If you're interested in copy editing, or even in well-rounded reporting, you should look into the DJNF program. Some schools don't participate on the annual test date, but you should be able to find a school nearby that would.
I've been copy editing on the news desk here, as well as designing the Opinion page and some inside news pages. Learning a new computer program has been interesting; it's funny how habits from other programs stick with you.
I'll plan to provide at least one internship tip per entry. My tip for this entry:
When you're headed to an internship, research the area as much as possible. You want to go into the newsroom with a general idea of the geography, political structure, current issues and such of the area. Request a subscription, check things out online and try talk to people in the newsroom before you've even arrived. It'll help your transition tremendously.
Spokane tidbit: If you're a fan of milk shakes and/or onion rings, go to The Onion restaurant at Riverside and Washington!


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